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Our team primarily consists of seasoned researchers, engineers, professors, and industry experts in the field of aviation, communication, public safety, and defense. The Avilus team brings a deep understanding of these cross-technology and sector dependencies and their challenges.

If you are associated with public safety, disaster response, or defense and would like to know more about our solution, please contact us at info@avilus.de

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Our mission is to transform the last-mile transport for remote and hard-to-reach areas. Whether it is a delivery of goods, pick-up of an injured person or drop-off of food packets, our aerial transport system makes it faster, cheaper and more efficient. We are taking a modular approach to design a versatile aerial transport ecosystem that minimizes the efforts as required by current systems to achieve the desired results.

Avilus brings the results of our research carried over more than a decade, in the field of aerial systems, to the market. By closely working with the industry partners and experts in the field, we aim to innovate and transform the aerial transport industry for the last-mile leg of the journey.

With the tremendous innovation over the last decade in unmanned aerial systems, multiple applications have been enabled that ease the workflow to a certain extent. However, there are a few applications in public safety, such as disaster response, communication setup, rapid supply delivery, etc., that still have no easy solutions.

By taking the application-oriented ecosystem approach, we envision deploying an ecosystem in the hour of need rather than a specific solution for a specific task. This approach provides solutions to multiple challenges in the field enabling a seamless experience and reduces the operational overhead of personnel, hardware, etc.


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